About Us


Noun – a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.

Once upon a time in 2012, three families from California found themselves relocated to beautiful, green New Castle in Western Pennsylvania (if youre from California, then you’ll know why the color green is such a big deal). As these families got settled in to their surroundings, they accidentally stumbled into a local event called “Hope for New Castle.” As it turns out, this event was actually a birthday celebration for a spunky, silver-haired septuagenarian named Hope. Every year, instead of focusing on herself, Hope would throw a celebration for the community that would highlight and strengthen all the wonderful aspects of the town that she had come to know and love so much. Needless to say, Mrs. Hope made a significant impact on the three newcomer families. 

Not long after, these three families decided to band together with the local community to highlight one of their favorite locations in their new home. They did this in the best way they knew how, which was to start a coffee shop on the riverfront, right in the heart of downtown New Castle. The process wasn’t easy. They had many bumps and bruises along the way, but they endured, and even grew.

One day a young local made his way into the coffee shop and became fast friends with the newcomers. This young man revealed that hed been roasting his own coffee beans at home. The newcomers were keen to try them. Needless to say, the beans were delicious! 

It wasn’t long before the newcomers and the local teamed up to start roasting coffee in house. As they brainstormed various names for the new roasting company, they were reminded of the little lady who had inspired the new comers to start the coffee shop in the first place. It was a unanimous decision. The new company would bear her name, and Hope Roasting Co. was born.

Over the years, the little coffee shop grew, and with it demand for Hope coffee increased. Restaurants, other coffee shops, and even breweries in the region began to offer Hope’s bean blends to their patrons. Today, our little crew is humbled to say that we have the honor of shipping Hope all across the country.

Theres an old proverb that says, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick: but when the desire comes, it is a tree of life.” It is our desire that every cup of Hope brings with it a portion of the inspiration that the “original Hope” gave us.

Here’s to your inspired morning and your bright day!


The Hope Roasting Family.